Rund um Litauen


"Aplink Lietuva", also etwa: "Um Litauen herum", ist eine Enduroveranstaltung, bei der versucht wird, so nah wie möglich an der Landesgrenze entlang das Land zu umfahren.


apl litauen rundfahrt 2011


APL "Aplink Lietuva 2012"



Von Arunas Barzdenis, Vilnius - Februar 2012


APL- Aplink Lietuva (um Litauen herum) ist ein Enduro Trip "Rund um Litauen".


Der litauische Enduro Club besteht aus einer Gruppe cooler Leute, die das Leben und Motorräder lieben.

Jedes Jahr organisiert er die "APL- Rund um Litauen Tour" in Erinnerung an den Enduro Club Präsidenten Linas Ramanauskas.


Ein Enduro Trip rund um Litauen ist ein Traum eines jeden Enduro Fahrers den man mitgemacht haben sollte.



Ich machte bei der Rundfahrt 2011 mit. Die Idee dabei ist, möglichst nahe an der Grenze von Litauen entlang zu fahren.


 apl  litauen

Es wird insgesamt eine Strecke von 2000 km zurückgelegt. Bei diesen 2000 km handelt es sich um ca. 50 % Schotterpiste, 40 % Wald, Sumpf und Wiese sowie 10 % Asphalt.


 apllitauen motorrad an der grenze

An schwierigen Stellen packt jeder an


Die APL Litauen Rundfahrt findet jedes Jahr in der 1. Juli Woche statt. Nach drei Tagen harten Fahrens folgt ein Tag Rast und Überholung der Motorräder.

Danach gehts wieder drei Tage off road weiter zum Ziel (auch Startpunkt der Tour).



 apl litauen


Auch dieses Jahr kann man sich der Gruppe anschliessen und eine fantastische Woche mit den "APL Enduro Brüdern" verbringen.



 apl litauen motorrad

 Übernachtet wird im Zelt- gebadet im Fluß oder See


Die APL ist für alle Enduro Fans etwas ganz besonderes. Jeder Mann wird von so einer Tour träumen.


Täglich werden etwa 350 km gefahren. Abhängig von der Beteiligung werden Gruppen von 5-6 Leuten gebildet, wobei jede Gruppe ihren eigenen Guide hat.

Im Team übernimmt jeder eine bestimmte Aufgabe. Man kann sich aussuchen ob man "Sanitäter, Techniker oder Tour Guide " sein möchte.


 motorrad im schlamm


motorrad offroad litauen

viens-du-tris : eins,zwei,drei: ich glaube für die Tour bin ich zu alt!



 motorrad litauen offroad


Der Charme der Aplink Lietuva "Rund um Litauen Tour" ist, daß die Geländefahrt körperlich anstrengend ist und nur minimales Gepäck mitgenommen werden kann.


 motorrad offroad litauen grenze


Der tägliche Staub wird nicht unter einer Dusche abgewaschen, sondern in Flüssen und Seen.

 motorrad litauen apl lietuva

Durchqueren eines Flüßchens



 apl lietuva


Diese Bedingungen schweisst die Teilnehmer für alle Zeit zu einer Gruppe zusammen.


 apl litauen motorrad an der grenze

Manchmal muss auch ein Bier am Lagerfeuer reichen.


Fahren so nah wie möglich an der litauischen Grenze, Staub und Dreck, Regen, Sonne und Hitze, Schweiss und Blaubeeren, übernachten an Seen und Flüssen, Diskussionen über den Tag bei einem kalten Bier:






Dinge aus denen die unvergesslich guten Dinge gemacht sind



Zuletzt ein Paar Informationen zur Anmeldung. Auf Englisch:

Registration to the APL begins in May when in Internet page appears a link for APL2017. Every year there are others organizers, but they are all Lithuania enduro club members. All interested parties can go directly for more information to the club president Marius Girūta
Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein.


There is some info from last year APL
APL 2016 - 2-8 July (official information)

Dirt. Stamina. Friends. And 2,000 kilometres closely following the Lithuanian state border.

You will be skidding on the sand, you`ll be soaking with water and you`ll be sinking in the mud to get as close to the state border as possible, you`ll be pushing forward in swampy tracks with deep rain-eroded ruts, you`ll be swallowing mouthfuls of dust on mud roads, and you`ll be trying to catch your breath in shady groves. And you know what?
Oh yes, you got it right. You`ll still be smiling!

“Here starts a track following the Lithuanian border marked with a black line. It looks so very simple in the map: you go forward until you face a three-way intersection and then turn left. However, in reality we get straight to some border post with the Polish border on one side and the Russian border on the other side. We start studying our maps. Meanwhile a sleepy border guard jumps out of the post`s cabin and, not having a clue what`s going on, starts asking us how we got there.”

(Late Linas Ramanauskas, the founder of the APL, the very first APL 2004)


For a second decade now, the members and friends of Lithuanian Enduro Club ride their motorcycles around Lithuania as close to the state border as possible. It is no accident that the APL takes place on 6 July which is the Statehood Day in Lithuania, the day of coronation of King Mindaugas. This way, we celebrate the unity and community of Lithuanians and their loyalty to their country. This trip, which is already subject to lots of legends, stories and myths, attracts enduro riders of different ages and professions. It is these people that create the APL: friendship, good mood and unforgettable adventures. You are very welcome to join us!

The APL trip is intended to commemorate its founder late Linas Ramanauskas, the first president of Enduro Club, and late Rimas Čivilis, the author of idea of the Educational APL route.

Until now we used to take one direction only, i.e. counter-clockwise. This year, we are going to encircle Lithuania starting from another side! Yes, this 13th APL will take the opposite direction this year, i.e. CLOCKWISE!

Each day we will cover about 300 km on average and, after a day full of impressive experiences, we will all gather together in shared sleeping places: near the coldest Lithuanian River Ūla in Zervynos Village, near Vištytis Lake illuminated by the light of full moon, in a cosy rural tourism homestead in Rusnė, on the shore of wind-beaten silver sea in Karklė, in a charming base of Aero Club with strong traditions in Biržai and on the shores of lakes in Vėlūnai Village. Even though we will mostly sleep in tents, some camping sites also offer accommodation in cabins. During the day we will each take care of our own meals but the suppers and breakfasts will be served by the hosts of the camping sites.

For the APL trip, the adventure/ dual-purpose/ soft/ hard enduro types of motorcycles are suitable. The tyres must be designed for off-road use.
For the Educational APL Route, all types of motorcycles are suitable. All motorcycles must be in good working order and must have mirrors. Yes, they must have all necessary mirrors!

„So then this JAWA bike went on right along the state border, through forest tracks. A hill, a valley, a pit, a trampoline, a puddle, some grass, then a sharp turn and another puddle, some compacted clay covered by a layer of dew (practically equivalent to ice) and yet another turn... The trees shook, spare plastic parts of Ténéré flew to both sides, not even the Metzeler Karoo tyres could withstand the pressure, GPSes got logged-off, and enduro riders were sweating buckets, demonstrated all possible riding techniques, applied their theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience, smoked one cigarette after another… Alas, Jawa was impossible to catch!
After this section many of us rediscovered the old truth that it is us that matters rather than machines or tyres! Everything depends on a person.” (Tomas Paura, Lithuanian Enduro Club, APL 2005.)


APL 2016 will take place on 2nd to 8th of July. This year we will go to the opposite direction than usual, i.e. clockwise. The start and finish: at Medininkai Castle. Places of sleeping: Zervynos at Ūla River; Vištytis Lake, camping site Pušelė; Rusnė Island, Homestead Pakalnės Vingis; Karklė, the camping site of Olandų kepurė (new place); Biržai, the base of Biržai Aero Club; Vėlūnai Village, Ignalina District, rural tourism homestead (new place).

All participants will be divided into groups of 4 to 6 people. Each participant should answer in the registration form to what position s/he could/would like to apply: “doctor” (must be able to dress a wound and provide first aid to a victim), “mechanic” (must understand the structure of motorcycles and must be able to repair them after a breakdown) or “leader” (who will lead the team according to the track and will solve any issues of the team that may arise during the trip). If you have teamed up on your own before the trip, please inform the organisers.

Necessary papers:
Passport or ID card
Driver`s licence with Category A
Certificate of registration of the motorcycle
Motorcycle insurance
Valid periodical technical inspection documents


According to the GPS, or Traditional Route
It is the usual APL trip: we will travel according to the given track as close to the Lithuanian state border as possible. You will be skidding on the sand, you`ll be soaking with water and you`ll be sinking in the mud to get as close to the state border as possible, you`ll be pushing forward in swampy tracks with deep rain-eroded ruts, you`ll be swallowing mouthfuls of dust on mud roads, and you`ll be trying to catch your breath in shady groves...

Entry fee is EUR 189 (of which, EUR 90 will cover catering expenses).

The fee includes:
1. Registration
2. Fee for sleeping places/camping sites (tent + 1 person)
3. Breakfasts and suppers in all camping sites
4. The permit of the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service to enter the border zone
5. Tracks for GPS receivers with a recommended route that is maximally close to the Lithuanian state border
6. Official merchandise of APL 2016 (scarves, stickers and, provided that you finish the route, patches and diplomas)
7. Transportation of personal belongings (tents, sleeping bags, spare parts) in a van. 1 item (about 60 litres) per participant

According to the Guide, or Educational Route
This mode of travel is an improvisation. Each team will decide independently which of the sites recommended by the organisers they will visit and what roads or tracks they will choose. The mission of the Educational APL Route is to introduce the participants to modest but surprisingly beautiful Lithuania that is so different every time: the route includes various natural, architectural or cultural heritage sites located as close to the Lithuanian state border as possible.


The registration of participants will take place from 16 May to 15 June.

You can download an application here:

The number of participants is limited to 100 motorcycles.

When registering, you have to pay a part of entry fee.
Please pay the registration fee of EUR 49 to the following bank account:

VšĮ Enduro klubas
LT087044060006040047 SEB bankas
In the bank transfer form, please specify who you are paying for: APL 2016 Name Surname

Registration steps:

1. Fill in the participant`s questionnaire
2. Scan or photograph your motorcycle`s certificate of registration
3. Scan or photograph your ID or the page of passport containing your photo (these documents are required for coordination with the State Border Guard Service)
4. Pay a partial registration fee of 49 EUR to VšĮ Enduro klubas bank account specifying the purpose, e.g. “APL 2016 Name Surname”
5. Send the signed questionnaire and the copy of your motorcycle`s certificate, your ID or your passport to the organisers
6. Pay the remaining amount of the entry fee to the organisers on the starting day when everyone arrives

“The APL. Everyone who decides to complete it, feels differently. It looks easy to some. Others find it very difficult. Some even create their own difficulties. Every person who loves enduro riding must go on this trip. They simply must. I will never forget enduro brothers I met here. After APL, you start believing that bad people simply don`t exist among motorcyclists. Everyone`s friendly, everyone`s helping each other, everyone`s united by a shared hobby. Lithuania is, of course, not a mountain country. Or a desert. This is a totally different kind of challenge – and it is an unbelievable fun. After all, it is the best possible vacation.”
(Ramūnas Štaras, Ežiukai Team, APL 2014, with Izh motorcycles)


Aldona Pieva, +370 655 40266, Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein.
Andrius Šulskis, +370 612 36904, Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein.

Hier die Kontaktadressen der Organisatoren:




Arūnas Bendoraitis 8 686 66454 Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein.

Dainius Budnikas 8 699 27965 Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein.

Tomas Palaima 8 606 80312 Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein.

Die Teilnahmegebühr beträgt 200 Litas (ca. 60 Euro)


Mich (der Admin dieser Seite) würde das auch reizen. Allerdings war ich mit meiner BMW 1150 RT auf dem Weg zum Bienenmuseum bei Stripeikiai mit der Sandpiste schon (fast) überfordert ;-(


Und noch ein Video, dass man sich aber nur direkt auf Youtube anschauen kann: